Priming and Paint
For paint to stick to wood, it needs to be primed. This is a step we never miss. Then we match any color you want.


Staining the wood brings out the beauty off the grain.  Over time we have perfected a way to use multiple stains on the same board, adding the uniqueness.


Protecting your Investment
We use a polycrylic to protect your entire board.  That means the back, legs, and the front.  Too many builders skip this and allow their boards to be damage by the elements.

How its done

Once we have the design you want, we can finally get going on what we consider the fun part. Where others slack, we exceed.  You will never see any paint bleed on our boards.  We also paint, stain or both our legs to go along with the design, MCB isn't aware of any other company that does that.  We take enormous pride and laying out the design on the board and taking the time that is needed to first prime, then paint and stain. 

Paint and Stain

McKinnon Cornhole Boards