McKinnon Cornhole Boards

3/4 Inch Plywood
Either Birch or Red Oak 3/4 inch plywood provides the base that you need to have a sturdy and durable cornhole board


Top Grade 1 by 3 Frames
Using 1 by 3s allows MCB to cut down on the weight of our boards, while keeping them strong and bounce free.


Pocket hole Joinery
Pocket holes are drilled from underneath the board. Then the specially made screws are attached through the 1by3s to to the plywood. This eliminates the need for any wood filler and gives you the cleanest look possible,.

How its Done

Here at McKinnon Cornhole Boards, we take building boards seriously.  We make the product we would want to play on, whether that be in the Fenway Classic, or our own back yard.  We use pocket-hole joinery to attach the frame to the top, this leaves you with a clean look and the best put together set money can buy.  We don't use cheaper materials to save a few dollar, because in the long run, its simply not worth it.